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Ø    Act Like A Lady - As God Designed YOU!

o       90 Days....What does God say?

o       Cookies....NOT!!!

o       Grown and Saved

o       Dating Today

Ø    Life Class

o       Getting Back To Me! 

o       Forgiveness

o       Moving Forward

 Ø    Single Parenting – Yikes!

o       Head of the household

o       Single, Pregnant, and Scared

o       Is There Any Help for Me?

o       How Do I Cope?

Ø    Help! I Am Missing A Parent!

o       Did I Do Something Wrong?

o       Why is My Mommy Always Tired?

o       Hello, What Happened to the Money?

§         Where are My luxuries?

Ø    Coping with Loneliness

o       I May Be Alone, but Not Lonely

o       Finding My Niche in This World

Ø    The Cycle – How to Break It!

o       But, It is A Family Trend!

o       I Keep Traveling Repeatedly in Circles

o       My Break-Thru

Ø    Singleness

o       Celebrate Me

o       Positive Supportive People/Places

o       Laughter/Enjoy Life