Single, Saved, Anointed Servant Ministries


Adultery In The Church  NEW!

The "Adultery In The Church" Seminar is a one day training class. 

The Seminar Include:

  • The Triggers Leading To Adultery
  • The Types of Adultery
  • The Consequences of Adultery
  • The Healing/Deliverance Process
  • Individual Christian Counseling

Singleness 2 Wholeness Training  NEW!

  • Learn to effectively teach Single Parents
  • Become a Certified Singleness 2 Wholeness Facilitator

Wholesome “U” Seminar
The “Wholesome U” Seminar is a one day training class to prepare Christians to live a victorious life by strengthening the mind, body and the spirit
 The Seminar Include:
 • Dressing for Success
 • Nutrition
 • Time Management and
          How to Organize your life
 • Discovering your Passion
Dare To Prepare for Success Series
A six-week program designed to prepare men and women to become Godly leaders in the 21st Century.
 Sessions include:
• Interviewing Skills
• Resume Writing
• Job Forecasting
• Networking
• Time Management and
How to Organize your Life

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