Single, Saved, Anointed Servant Ministries

The Visionary

Single, Saved, Anointed Servant (S2AS) Ministries: A Ministry for Single Parents was founded by Ramona Taylor.  In 2000, God gave me a vision to turn my trials, tribulations and test into a testimony to help other struggling single parents and children.

As I continued to study and prepare for this ministry, I realized there are so many single parents struggling to live off one income, suffering from bad credit, physical/mental abuse and living in hotels with their children, because they can’t qualify for an apartment or house.  Additionally, there is a substantial rise in single men raising their children, simply because the mothers are tired and have given up on life and society as a whole.  There are children of single parents who have low self-esteem due to the absent parent(s) in their life and a lot of children feel they are the actual cause for the parent being absent.  These problems can reflect on how the children focus in school, get along with their peers and other issues.  Most of all there are tons of issues single parents struggle to deal with on a daily basis.  These struggles are the focus of this ministry.


Who is Ramona Taylor?   

A child of God; born again Servant who stand ready to serve the Lord to His Glory.  Ms. Taylor earned a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Administration from Saint Leo University and a Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Human Resources Management from Troy University.   Ms. Taylor is an Ordained Minister, Business Owner, Inspirational Speaker, Christian Counselor, and Single Parent Transformation Coach.  Ms. Taylor is the proud parent of one daughter, Susan.

 Most of she loves the Lord with all of her Heart, Mind, Body and Soul!

 God Bless,

 ~Ramona Taylor

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